letras gato lopez Package deployment

In WAPT, everything is package

Packages for life

boutiques bébé montréal In WAPT, everything is package and a package is several files gathered in an archive. A software is a package, a gathering of software is a package, a computer configuration is a package. Even a room or a hardware warranty is a package.

australien giftige tiere You can sort out you packages, gather them, improve them and share them, it is up to you. However, only those who you know could take a benefit from your packages.

Packages advantages

  • naissances boulogne sur mer Transport because you deploy packages from you web server (default configuration), your file server, or from a flash drive.
  • kawasaki repair manuel Replication. Because packages are files, they are easily and safely replicated with standard methods and fully controlled.
  • serum helena rubinstein Scalability because the file nature of a WAPT package and replication induce that there is no limit in deployment size. WAPT is birthly designed to be used on large computer station greographically dispersed.